Corporate Overview

We are a privately owned company and registered company under the Registrars Act of Companies Act 2012 Uganda, operating under Dapper Engineering & Machinery Ltd.
Dapper Engineering & Machinery operates through its business units of Dapper Construction, Dapper Supplies and Dapper Machinery & Hiring.
Dapper Machinery provides and hires all heavy equipment and machinery such as Cranes, Excavators, Backhoes, Rollers, Bull dozers, Chain loaders, Bob cat, Graders, Dumpers, Compactors, Folk lifts and Self-loading trucks of all sizes and modules.
Dapper Construction Unit offers a variety of services in Civil Works, Building Plans & Designing and Consultations in the engineering aspect.
Dapper Supplies on the other hand provides construction materials including manufactured cement, aggregates, ready-mix concrete, concrete products and other construction services to many of the region’s largest infrastructure projects.
The people who make up the DAPPER team embody our values of strength, performance and passion. Our employees have strong connections to these ideals, which has contributed significantly to the progressive growth, success and leadership of our company. They have helped us develop the solutions, systems and project methods required to bring innovation, quality and value to the projects we deliver for our clients.
We are part that has built the highways you drive on, the sidewalks you walk on, the bridges you cross, the railway you ride on and the runways your planes have taken off from. Whatever your project is, we can contribute.
Our greatest competitive advantage is the expertise and passion of our people. We are motivated to achieve the elements needed to provide project success that will leave a lasting impression for our clients, our society and our communities.

Our Clients


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